10% Donation

The best part about purchasing items from us, is not only are you providing Nicaraguans a job, but you are getting to decide where you put your money.  Learn where your 10% goes in helping the children of Nicaragua!


Feed a Child

When you decide to donate your 10% to feeding a child, you are providing, at minimum, one meal.  In Nicaragua, a typical meal can cost about $3.50.  You are fueling a child who may not be fed three wholesome meals a day.  When we feed children in Nicaragua, with your donation, their faces light up and their parent's eyes fill with tears.  You are helping their little ones grow.


Fund a Child's Education

When your 10% donation is made to a child's education, you are helping us to fund a teacher's monthly income, in a rural area, so she can educate a classroom of 30 or more students.  Sometimes this donation also goes to sponsor children in learning English. Learning English is very important in Nicaragua, as this can secure a lifestyle change from poverty for a family.


Fix a Child's Home

A typical home in Nicaragua, can at times, hold more than 2-3 family generations.    Your 10% can help a child and household have a cleaner, warmer, and more secure home from natural things even as a linking cardboard roof.