Shoe Care

With little ones going on adventures in their Humble Soles, comes wear on the leather sandals or boots!  We have searched for the best product for our leather and loved how well Smith's Leather Balm has conditioned our shoes!

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Application on Leather Instructions:

Start by making sure your leather goods are clean and dry.

Start with a very small amount- a little goes a long way.

We believe that leather conditioners are best applied by hand and massaged into the leather but a rag will work also.

Leather is porous and will begin absorbing the natural oils in Smith’s Leather Balm immediately.

This means that lighter shades of leather may naturally darken some.

Most leather goods will not darken beyond their original shade and return to a lighter shade in time.

Reapply balm as necessary to restore, protect and extend the life of your favorite Humble Soles shoes!


Leather Balm Faqs and Ingredients:


Every batch of Smith’s is handmade in Maine from 3 all-natural ingredients.

100% organic cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is rich in vitamin E and contains natural antioxidants that help fight premature aging and deterioration.

100% organic beeswax

Organic beeswax is safer and more effective than other barrier creams like petroleum jelly which contain harmful chemicals that can damage stitching.

It acts as a natural waterproofer, sealing the leather and protecting it from harsh elements.

In addition, beeswax functions as a moisturizer, softening stiff, rigid leather.

100% pure sweet almond oil

Pure sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins A, E and B.  It’s a preferred ingredient in natural health and beauty products.

It’s hypoallergenic and safer than less expensive alternatives.  It has many wonderful health benefits and works to improve the overall look and feel of leather goods.

That’s it!

No animal fats, synthetic compounds, preservatives or petroleum based products.  We offer the safest, highest quality natural balm.

Application Tutorial: