Sizing Tips

 Ways to measure your child's foot, for the best fit, in our shoes! 

First Method:

1.  Place your child's foot on a piece of paper, while standing up.

2.  Mark the top of their big toe, with a writing utensil. 

3.  Mark the back of their heel, with a writing utensil. 

4.  Measure between the two lines drawn on paper.

Now match their foot measurement with our insole measurement on our sizing chart! 

Second Method:

1. Simply measure your child's foot with a measuring tape or ruler.

2.  Make sure to begin their heel at the zero mark and then see where their big toe lands.

3.  Now compare their foot measurement to the insole measurement on our sizing chart.


 Let's talk sizing!


For boots, we suggest sizing up only once!

For shoes, we do not suggest sizing up!

If your child's foot is 5" then we would suggest a size 20 in shoes, but a size 21 in boots.  If you decide to size up at all, in shoes, they will NOT fit for immediate use.

- What if my child's foot is between sizes?

Round down to the nearest size for sandals and round up for boots.

- What if I want my child to wear them for an even longer use?

Again, we never suggest to size up past what their foot measurement is compared to our chart.  They may fit later in season, but not for immediate use.

- How do you measure your shoes to get their right sizing?

We do NOT measure the bottom sole.  We measure from the back heel stitch and where the child's big toe will land.

- Why don't you measure all the way to the tip of the sandal?

A child's big toe does not meet the top middle of the shoe.  If we did, their big toe would hang off the side edge of the shoe.


If you need help with which size to order, PLEASE reach out to our customer service at  We are here to help with sizing.  The first question we will ask is, "What is your child's foot measurement in inches?"  Come prepared with their foot measurements so we can best help you.